Why Study At SCIA

Singapore is one of the leading countries in education and ranks amongst the top in international studies. Our education system not only focuses on the student’s academic performance, it also provides opportunity to maximise students’ potential and helps them to excel in their areas of interest through co-curricular activities. The rigorous and holistic Singapore Education System helps to prepare the students for the challenges in the 21st century.

SCIA adopts the Singapore holistic approach in our Teaching & Learning. We focus on our students, aiming to groom them into well-rounded individuals and lifelong learners. Our learner-centric curriculum focuses on the holistic growth of the developing child, paying special attention to the student’s social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. In SCIA, we aim to provide engaging and high quality education to prepare our students to be future-ready for the global age.

Singapore curriculum is well regarded internationally, recognised for its strengths in a teaching and learning culture which builds a strong foundation in reading, numeracy and scientific literacy for all students. It also places emphasis on development of students’ thinking and communication skills, through exposure in application of knowledge in real-life contexts across subjects.

SCIA offers an international education whilst simultaneously inculcating Asian values.