“Prosper thy neighbour, will be the defining mantra for all of us.”

Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan
The Straits Times Global Outlook Forum on 2 Dec 2016

Tan Wee Pin

Believing in the mantra of prospering our neighbours, Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy (SCIA), a member of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Group, brings the rigour and high quality of Singapore education to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. SCIA is fully owned by SIM which has a history of more than fifty years in providing private education and lifelong learning.

SCIA endeavours to follow the footsteps of SIM in opening more doors in life through education, enabling our students to pursue endless possibilities. SCIA takes pride in being a unique school in Phnom Penh with a strong team of committed school leaders from Singapore, assisted by competent educators talent-scouted from all over the world. The collective expertise of our academic faculty ensures the authenticity of an integrated Singapore and international education.

Our students will graduate with Cambridge- endorsed qualifications, widely recognised and valued by many leading universities and employers around the world. Our students are also given the option to pursue their pre-university education at SCIA Senior High School, SCIA Foundation Studies Centre (in collaboration with SCIA university partners) or SIM Singapore. The holistic curriculum encompassing cognitive, aesthetics, moral, physical and social domains will develop SCIA graduates as well-rounded individuals who strive for excellence with humanitarian values to care for the wider community.

SCIA embraces SIM’s belief in “Doing Well” in all its ventures, and simultaneously “Doing Good” to the community it serves. “Doing Good” means giving back to the community. Our values-based and student-driven Service Learning programme is an integral part of our Character Education that instils in our students virtues and values through experiential learning, and at the same time, enables them to give back to society. SCIA will also engage with our key partners to see how we can play an instrumental role in Cambodia’s education sector.

SCIA’s unique international curriculum goes beyond classrooms and grades. Our diverse spectrum of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) allows students to discover their passion, unlock their leadership potential and to pursue endless possibilities. Our Signature Education Programmes: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Talent Development programmes are specially designed to empower our students to be future-ready.

SCIA is a learning community, and parents are crucial partners in the developmental journey of the child. Come join our learning community, be a partner in educating the next generation and prepare our children to be future-ready: the BRIGHTEST LEADERS that they can be.

Tan Wee Pin

Managing Director