SCIA is awarded Cambodia Successful Brand Award 2018/2019

21 Sep 2018

SCIA is proud to receive the Cambodia Successful Brand Award for 2018/2019! The award recognises companies for their outstanding contributions towards Cambodia society and economy.

Find out more about SCIA’s journey and plans in Cambodia, in CSBA’s exclusive interview with Mr Anselm Chu, SCIA Managing Director & School Director:

Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy: Bolstering the new horizon

As part of their 50th year anniversary in 2014, the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Group included a new mission to expand SIM beyond Singapore. After an intensive feasibility study of the potential economic growth that Cambodia upheld in the last decade, the company decided to set up its first overseas venture in Cambodia, SCIA.

“We are confident that our institute can make a greater difference in Cambodia.” said Mr. Anselm Chu, Managing Director & School Director of SCIA, who dedicated his lifelong passion towards youth development and education.

Being a member of the SIM Group, along with the knowledge and expertise of international educators, SCIA aims to enhance the education standards in Cambodia, with a unique blend of Singapore and Cambridge curriculum for pre-school to high school, as well as offering the University of London (UOL) International Foundation Program (IFP) by next year. “I believe with our K-12 education offerings in Cambodia, the students now have more options – to either go abroad or study in their home country.”

Taking pride as the authentic Singaporean education institute, the working culture within the organization is structured yet dynamic. Every staff understands his/her role and works earnestly and collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Realizing that Singapore brand names have a positive image on the Cambodian perception, SCIA is committed to providing the best possible quality of education and nurturing students to be leaders in the next generation. Mr. Chu added, “We plan to set up the higher education later on, but in the meantime, we want to build a strong foundation, so that students experience true international teaching and learning from young.”

Adhering to the motto that has been set from day one of “Pursue endless possibilities” and the vision to inspire leaders for the global age, the academy aspires to spread the nurturing culture and positive mindset to each and every student. Mr. Chu elaborated, “We need to learn to discover ourselves and explore our passion and interests. As we embark on the path of self-discovery, we may discover something we are good at. We also encourage students to take on leadership roles, and make a difference in the life of others.”

“One day you’ll realize that the things you learned in your childhood will have a great impact in your life later on.” Being a leader with the heart of a teacher, Mr. Chu urges the younger generation to focus on their studies and personal development earnestly, to curate their learning beyond classroom and textbooks. Mr. Chu believes constant learning can positively transform a person into a distinguished individual. He added “It’s just a matter of time, sooner or later you’ll see the benefits”.

CSBA’s exclusive interview with Mr Anselm Chu, SCIA Managing Director & School Director

On behalf of SCIA, Mr Chu received the Cambodia Successful Brand Award 2018/2019 from Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Her Excellency Men Sam An

L-R: Her Excellency Men Sam An, Mr Anselm Chu, Mr Ryan Ong (Founder, Brands Alliance International (Cambodia))