SCIA Learning Voyage @ Anussa Kids Fair 2019

Embark on the SCIA Learning Voyage at Anussa Kids Fair and Family Expo 2019! Our booths will be located in front of the main stage!

Our activities are designed to suit all ages and that learning at SCIA can be fun and engaging. Highlights include a sensory maze for pre-schoolers which aims to encourage children to explore their environment and engage them through their senses. With the help of our educators, children will build and power up their very own cars using rubber bands. A mini version of F1 Grand Prix: “SCIA Grand Prix” will be held for children to engage in friendly races with others. Children will also get to create their own 3D art drawings, with aid of technology used by engineers and architects! All these activities and more!

Come down to Kids Fair & Family Expo, and discover the kind of learning that takes place at SCIA!